Order/Delivery Information

Shipping methods

All orders placed, either by phone or electronically, are handled by us and shipped to you by Courier services and by a Transport Agency for bulk products

 to the address you have indicated to us in the order form you have filled out.

All orders start processing by us the next business day (Weekends are not considered business days).

Each product is listed for availability.

Specifically, when a product is referred to as

a) * Available * this means that the delivery time from the day your order is shipped is as follows:

    Attica, Thessaloniki and other areas within cities in mainland Greece: 1 to 3 working days.

    Other remote areas outside cities (such as towns and villages) in mainland Greece: 2 to 5 working days.

    Island areas of Greece: 1-5 working days.

b) * Upon order in 3-7 days * In case the products you have chosen are not immediately available,

 Your order will be sent by us exactly on the day we collect the products and then the above mentioned delivery times are valid.

Delivery times for orders range from 9 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. In case you can not pick up during this time,

you have the option to pick up from the courier store with the help of the shipping code that we send you via sms and e-mail.

If we encounter a problem in processing your order (such as a lack of a product from the manufacturer),

one of our representatives will call you on the contact phone number you have provided, in order to find together a solution for the best possible service for you.

We inform you that the availability of products is constantly and daily changing and that is why we make a great effort to update our system as soon as possible so that you

we provide the right information and the best service. However, there is a case in which a product does not apply what is stated. In any case, as soon as we receive your order,

the necessary check is made immediately and we inform you immediately by phone about the progress of your order and the expected delivery time.

A. Shipping by Courier For those who prefer the more traditional method, the shipment of products is made with courier companies

    For orders under 100 € the charge will be:

    For packages up to 2kg the charge is € 3.00.

    For each additional kilo the charge amounts to € 1.00

    In case you choose a method of payment by cash on delivery, the charge will be 2 € extra for orders up to 100 €

 COD does not apply to processed products such as carpets, shading systems, curtain rods.

    For orders over 100 € there is no extra cash on delivery charge.

    If the package is volumetric, then the cost is adjusted according to its volume, ie according to the result of the titration.

* For orders weighing more than 10 kg as well as for large parcels that exceed 1.80 meters and more in length, the order is sent with a transport company.

B. Shipments with a cooperating Transport Agency

  Shipping with a transport company can be done in 2-3 days for large cities

 and from 3 - 6 days for inaccessible and island areas.

Parcels with large volume and weight and length of 1.70 meters and above such as: Carpets, carpeted floors, curtain rods, shading items etc. are sent with a cooperating Transport Agency, which will be responsible for the receipt of the goods and their delivery to you upon receipt by the agency. For delivery to your place there may be an additional charge from the transport company.

Orders on Carpets and Floors are usually charged with a shipping cost of 8 - 12 € for all of Greece except for some exceptions, such as bulky or very heavy goods.

The delivery of the parcels with a Transport Company concerns the delivery on the sidewalk.

COD is not valid, because the product is cut and sewn to your measurements.

Orders will be shipped in advance (by credit / debit card or by bank transfer)

C. Collection from the store

If you wish, you can pick it up from our store in Glyfada (Gounari 67).

To send your order there, simply choose pick-up from the store at the check-out stage in case you place your order online or ask us if you place your order by phone.

Once your order arrives at the store you have chosen you will be informed by sms and e-mail to know when you can pick it up.

Orders can be held on hold for up to 10 days after receiving notification that they have arrived at k

If you want to be informed about the status of your Order you can contact us by phone or via email:

  • Telephone: 2109619269, 2109640019
  • E-mail: info@galaxycarpets.gr