Curtain Rod 8558 Φ20


  • Brand: Anartisi
  • Product Code: nav-20-01-02-00160
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        Explanation of options
  • The color of the curtain rod (set)

  • The length of the curtain rod (tube)
    (always refers to its length, without the decorative edges)
  •  The type single or double curtain
    (we always choose the corresponding dimension of the previous field)

The curtain rods must be 50cm larger than the width of the door or window.

More specifically, it must be more than 25cm on each side. For example, if our door is 1.90m wide, we will have to buy curtain rods 2.40m long (the edges of the curtain rod are extra.

The measurement concerns only the rod). Regarding the distance from the bottom of the window to the ceiling, the curtain rod must be placed at 2/3 of this distance.

In the rosette poles we have to drill in the wall that is next to the balcony door. so we measure the total length of the base by calculating that the pole is in the center of the "handful".


  • Supports
  • Screws with dowels
  • Rings (estimated 10 rings / meter)
  • Extensions

Clean metal surfaces using a damp cloth.

Avoid using any caustic liquid or material.

Five year warranty.

For double curtains combined with Rail or Pipe

Caution: When the pipe is e.g. 1.60cm the inner rail or outer tube will be 10cm shorter.

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